5 Terre

Joanna and I spent our off-duty afternoons a short train ride away in the Cinque Terre. Hiking along rugged cliffsides between some of Italy's most picturesque villages, we covered all five with plenty of time to spare. Between exploring mountain trails and terraced vineyards, jumping off cliffs into the ocean and navigating the arched cobblestone alleys of each town, we also paid plenty visits to the ubiquitous gelateria. By the weekend we'd passed through Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, as well as Porto Venere to the east. Each little village was packed with an impossible amount of charm, from the multicolor facades and artfully placed shutters to the red-faced old fishermen sitting among bright, freshly finished boats. If you want to see the Mediterrainean coastline of your most romantic imagination, this could be as close as you get.


Valerie said...

WOW joey, you really did capture the charm of cinque terre. All of these shots are amazing. I might steal them for myself since mine aren't nearly as pretty. I won't post them anywhere though, don't worry. btw did you make it in time to get on the train back to the hostel the other night? I'm safely back in the US now with my betos cravings satisfied :)

Shery said...

Incredible pics, friend. I should belong to these beautiful places, not anywhere else!

William Perry said...

Nice shots Joey. You're eye for these landscapes is amazing. I'll be in Cinque Terre next month--maybe I'll see you roaming about.