Genova II

Almost two months after arriving at Genova Principe on my first day in Italy, I was back. Just as before, Elisa was waiting at the station in overcast weather. After two months of late, delayed and cancelled trains (including on the long trip from Brescia) I'd lost all faith in trenitalia while pretty much falling in love with Italy.

The Giordanos were great hosts, again. To a soundtrack of Mark Knopfler and Rino Gaetano, we took a drive for granitas overlooking the old city and the bustling new harbor after a three course Italian dinner. Back at home, Elisa's dad spent nearly an hour showing me old black and white photos of Genova, genuinely thrilled to share the history of his own city. The next day I wandered town again, meeting Elisa at Piazza de Ferrari for a lunch of pesto genovese. On my walk back down Via Garibaldi the sun was out for once and the old city's pastel maze felt more like the bright Liguria I'd come to know. 
I took off that evening for sleepy Moneglia with Elisa and Laura. 

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