I could have spent much longer in Naples. The city was seductive as any I've seen in Italy. Grimy, decaying and littered with the world's most heavenly pizzerias, it's got as much trash blowing in the coastal breeze as any place I've seen since Cairo. Packed within its crumbling maze of old alleys are monstrous churches with hershey-domed roofs, glorious piazzas, drab apartment blocks and a giant toy castle dominating the corniche. Meanwhile, crowding the cobblestone streets themselves are millions of olive-toned bodies lounging on lawn chairs or slouched against scooters, Napolitano-style. Based from a couch in Aversa, a twenty minute train ride inland, where the coastal winds disappear and the sweat never stops dripping, I took a couple days to explore. My hosts were three Estonians and an American, the latter employed by the giant US Navy base in town. On our first night, we took in a wild street celebration a few blocks from their place, wading through a sea of sweaty bodies, christmas lights and brass instruments, spilling drinks all over the neighborhood and earning whistles and stares from hordes of young Italian men (the Estonians' blond hair isn't nearly as common this far south).  Having only booked the couch for two nights, I was off too quickly yet again, catching a train to Sorrento in the afternoon.


Shery said...

Love the photos! It seems that you had a "Blast" in Naples.

Kristen said...

is that a bansky?