La Spezia II

Two nights in La Spezia was too short. Visiting the Mannuccis seemed like visiting home. Alessandra and Letizia had bought a box of my favorite cereal and a packet of gatorade which they placed in the room I'd be borrowing. We caught up on the last months' events, shared a few fantastic meals, and, thanks to google translate, I convinced Letizia that I'd learned Italian since out last meeting. 

On our only afternoon together, Carlo drove us up the mountain behind Portovenere. A short hike through the forest we reached the sheer white cliffs that rise along the coast all the way up to the 5 terre. We reminisced about the adventures of Asterix as we wound back through the trees, views of Portovenere's old castle and cliff-top church slipping in and out of view below us. 

I promised I'd be back to La Spezia again one day before catching my train the next morning. 

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MannucciPo said...

Lovely picture, as ever...
But what we like most is your promise to come back.

P.S: I laughed to death 'cause of the Ninja Turtles in Florence. Don't tell Carlo! hahaha...

P.P.S: I want that photo ;)