New Old Photos

Just went through several months of photo archives and dug up quite a few that I hadn't noticed before. I still have plenty of scouring ahead of me, but here are some. More to come...

Girls outside Ambo, Ethiopia
Derg-era tank along the road to Wonchi Crater, Ethiopia
Pilgrim in Varanasi
Ancient ruins of Hampi, India
Just minutes before jumping off these cliffs with a dozen kids in Karnataka, India
Chai drinking in Khatmandu
Karakorum above Gilgit, Pakistan
Nanga Parbat, Pakistan, 8th highest in the world
Rakaposhi looming over the Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Astor villager met on the road to Nanga Parbat
Karakorum Range, along the trek to Nanga Parbat
Outskirts of Gilgit, Pakistan
Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat, Pakistan 
Another village in the Karakorum
Some guy in Gilgit
A monk met on a hilltop temple deep in the wilds of Xishuangbanna, China 
Just another day in Cairo
Blue Mosque, Istanbul 
"The Egg," a destroyed old cinema downtown along Beirut's old Green Line.  
Uch Sharif, half destroyed but still beautiful, Pakistan
Another fishing photo from Istanbul
Yeni Cami, Istanbul 
Curious faces at the Islamabad bus station
Back streets of Diyarbakir, Turkey
A couchsurfing friend in Istanbul. Galata Tower is out the window from his place. 
Pakistani wedding (at least 2AM) 
Lahore, Pakistan
Agra boys 
Two guys (on the left) squatting to use the most scenic facilities in the world.  
My ride from the India border to Lahore, a truck driver. He bought me a Mountain Dew.  
Multan, Pakistan
Henna man at Fatehpur Sikhri, India
Yet another holy man on the ghats of Varanasi 
I gave this and other photos to these girls in Varanasi
One of the last hand-pulled rickshaws in Calcutta
Kerala Christians playing WWF
Mountain streams in the Kanchenjunga range (3rd highest in the world) of Sikkim
War memorial in Sikkim
Kathmandu. My dad used to give me cool hats like these.  
Nepalese girl outside her house.  
Hanging out on the backstreets above Ramses, Cairo
Trekking out of the Simiens at dawn, Ethiopia
Kids chasing our truck (we're on the roof). They kept up for about a kilometer.  
Farmers going to work in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
Table football in Harar, Ethiopia. Girls don't play. 
Addis Ababa 
Sizing up the jump near Jabalpur, India
More table football in Harar, Ethiopia 
Red Fort, Delhi