Crossing to Sudan

From Addis, it took just two days to reach Khartoum. After crossing the Blue Nile I spent the first night in Gonder before busing to the border post at Metema, walking the bridge to Gallabat. The greenery lasted a few hundred more kilometers before vanishing a few hours outside Khartoum. I hopped out of the last bus late at night in Sahafa at the city's southern end. After one night in a grungy hotel I spent the next four camped by the banks of the Nile. I set up my tent in the yard of the Blue Nile Sailing Club, its office housed in the dilapidated wreck of Kitchener's old gunboat. Unlike other travelers, I was lucky to get my alien registration stamp in a single afternoon. The rest of my days were spent on fuul, falaafel and juice runs, relaxing with a handful of fellow travelers and drinking cool water from the Nile. We jumped in several times per afternoon, swimming against the current alongside rusted old boats. I was still caked in a film of Nile mud when I took off for the north. 


Kristen said...

are you regretting your decision of drinking nile water yet? From my Uganda experience, swallowing nile water is not pleasant. And Uganda is the source.

Mallory said...

The top picture with the boats blows my mind.