Afar Flashback

A few days after landing back in Europe, I met David again in Oxford. The last time it was to pick up gear for an upcoming expedition. This time we presented the experience at the Wilderness Lectures in Bristol. The lecture went decently, especially when I wasn't the one lecturing. To provide a small glimpse of the Afar, I played a dozen or so short clips from the film as it now stands (still needs some work). Above are a few of the village kids from Harissa, showing off hairstyles, clothing, scarring and teeth-sharpening techniques, as well as Eid dances and ga'mbo-baking skills. In the fourth clip Mohammed and Thoreau make the most of our Eid goat, wearing the medical gloves from our first aid kit. I also threw plenty of pictures into the Bristol mix, some of which I'd looked over until now. It's a relief to have the presentation behind, although we both enjoyed delving back into the expedition for a day or two. 


William Perry said...

Very nice. I'm excited to see the film when everything is wrapped up!

Shery said...