Wadi Rum II

Of all the places to learn html, I picked up the basics over my last three weeks in Wad Rum, building a website for new Bedouin friends. Just another random experience found on workaway. Although this one involved quite a bit of work seeing as I knew nothing of website building, it was worthwhile thanks to my great hosts. When we weren't spending nights in the black, goat-hair tent of their desert campsite, we slept in home of Ali Eid Zalabyeh, his front porch just a short stroll from Nabatean ruins and the soaring cliffs of Jebel Rum. His family adopted me for a few weeks. We spent most days together, sharing meals and tea breaks in the desert, exploring hidden canyons, scrambling up natural arches and relaxing in remote dunes, as well as sharing stories of camels and tourists gone wild or ever-mischievous jinn, usually to the soundtrack of ouds being plucked to death. When Ali dropped me off a the Israeli border I was ready to move on, but sure I'd return.  

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Mallory said...

I can't get over the one with the super intense eyes. I love it.