Moroccan Road Trip

We just ended a 5-day road trip across Southern Morocco. Our improvised route passed through thousands miles of parched, desolate country and rolling ranges of hills and mountains, peaks capped with countless old casbahs and broad valleys striped with green along the edge of dry river beds. Starting up the Wadi Sous, we crossed into the Atlas, over the Anti Atlas and down through the Draa Valley to Zagora before turning back.  After a long detour to the Ameln Valley and bizarre, blue rocks of Tafraoute, we shot further west to reach the cool breeze of the coast.

On the long haul from Taliouine to Tafraoute, it seemed we were about the only ones on the road - with a car, that is. We picked up our share of Berber hitchhikers. When Joanna took the wheel, one of our first riders was completely dumbfounded: "Never in my life have I been in a car driven by a woman." All our riders pressed us to have tea in a friend's shop upon arriving in their destination city, where rocks, rugs and camel tours were inevitably touted.

Our little blue Hyundai i10, dubbed Justin, handled more than 1,000 miles of abuse with little complaint. By the time we dropped the car back outside Agadir we'd had just one flat tire (suspiciously, a long nail had inserted itself while we were parked across the street from a tire shop in Mirleft) and one speeding ticket thanks to Zagora's finest. In better news, after stalling around 70 times across the country, most often in crowded narrow streets and with dozens of giggling spectators, I finally learned to drive stick.

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Shery said...

Congrats on learning how to drive stick:). Loved the photos.