More Rum

When I left Wadi Rum in March, I told my Bedouin hosts that I'd be back. I'm not sure they believed me then. Just four months later I pulled up to their home in Wadi Rum Village in a rental car, along with Joanna and her mother, Bodil. Once again, Eid's family were fantastic hosts. Before the iftar meal we loaded into Eid's jeep for a desert spin. Long after the stars had come out, Salman drove us to the family's new camp, built us a fire and, after a serenade on his brand new oud, left us in the silence of the desert for the night. Before taking leave the next morning, Eid drove us to the foot of Umm Ishrin on a detour back to the village, where Muhammad helped Bodil and Joanna mount up for the requisite camel photo. I visited Ali in his sitting room, where he was stretched out on a mat, recovering from surgery. He was disappointed at not having been able to join us in the desert. I assured him it wouldn't be the last visit to Wadi Rum.



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Kristen said...

Did you bring Johanna's mom with you?