Capture the Colour Contest

A new contest has just been announced: Capture the Colour, asking for photos capturing the colors yellow, green, blue, red and white. The contest is judged by professional travelers, writers and photographers and runs until the 29th of August, after which the winners walk off with iPads or a £2000 cash prize. That last bit was all I needed to be convinced. As I've always been drawn to colorful subjects, I put together five of my own to have a go...

Yellow: Soccer Silhouettes (Vientiane, Laos)
Lao boys kick up dust on the banks of the Mekong in Vientiane. I spent a couple days couchsurfing in the capital, where my host lived in a poor suburb just a short walk from this field. Every afternoon several games started up on this same dusty field, and after smiling and and motioning their approval to take photos, they barely noticed me on the sidelines. Full post.

Green: Fatehpur Sikhri Boys (Fatehpur Sikhri, India)
Boys launch themselves into the pools of the Mughal-built Fatehpur Sikhri, just an hour's bus ride from Agra. These pools were once reserved for royalty, but green as they've become with algae, they now serve local boys as an ideal place to cool off in the Indian summer. Dripping wet, these boys enjoyed seeing their photos on my camera, which I struggled to keep dry. 

Blue: Street Cafe (Old Cairo, Egypt)
A typical street cafe is set in front of an old, crumbling wall in Islamic Cairo. I wandered the narrows alleys from the Khan al-Khalili to the Citadel many times, each time proving a unique experience. There are thousands of hidden gems within this part of Cairo, and upon running into this tiny cafe I felt I'd found one. Full post

White: Afar Cattle Drive
Location: Danakil, Ethiopia
Caption: The dwindling cattle herds of the Afar, shrunken by years of drought, march towards Lake Abhebad in the desolate Danakil, known as one of Africa's most inhospitable lands. This wilderness area, several days' march from the nearest power lines, is also home to one of Africa's fiercest tribes, the Afar. Spending a week in the small Afar village from where the shot was taken, I got used the sulfuric stench of Abhebad, as well as the legendary hospitality of the Afar people. Full post.

Red: Shay Lady
Location: Wadi Halfa, Sudan
Caption: A woman at her tea shop in Sudan's tiny, dusty border town of Wadi Halfa. While waiting a couple days here for the ferry to Egypt I visited her little shop several times. On the day of the ferry she wore this bright red scarf, accentuated by the pale blue wall against which she set up shop. Unlike most women in Sudan, she agreed happily to a photo, and laughed freely upon seeing herself on the LCD screen. Full post

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Natalie Marsh said...

LOVE these choices. I hope you win, good luck!

Shery said...

Beautiful. You'll win:-).

Anonymous said...

I like the action and sense of fun in the green and yellow photographs.