Syrian Flashback

A good Egyptian friend of mine, Shereen Salah, asked last week if I'd share some Syria prints for an upcoming fundraiser. Organized by the Syrian Expatriates, "Don't Leave Syrians Cold" will have its Salt Lake event on the first of December. I went ahead and put together some black and whites, some of which will be sold that afternoon, the proceeds to aid refugees just beyond the Syrian border. Most of these were taken during my short visit back in the summer of 2010. If you won't be anywhere near downtown Salt Lake for the event, consider ordering a print or two to support a good cause.  

Camel boy at Palmyra, Syria

Palmyra, Syria

View from the old Citdael of Aleppo


Ummayad Mosque, Damascus

San Simeon Basilica


Sayyida Zeinab Al-Kubra Mosque, Damascus

San Simeon Basilica; Aleppo Citadel

The good old days in Aleppo

Balloon Man, Damascus; Shoeshine Man, Aleppo

Souq Man, Aleppo

Serjilla, one of the Dead Cities

Dura Europos, near Syria's eastern borders

Grand Mall, Raqqa

A kid heads home in Şanlıurfa, just across the Turkish border

Street Cafe, Cairo

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