Corrupted Photos

Over the last few months I've had a series of gear-related setbacks. First it was my battered camera, which spent October through December in a Polish repair shop somewhere around Gdansk. According to Joanna's father, who was nice enough to haul it down from Denmark, among the technicians' first questions was whether I was an archeologist. Although it's still got plenty of defects, they did manage to bring it back to life, and It's been nice having it back.  

Since then I've done my best to resolve another issue: my old hard drive. The poor little box had stored the bulk of my photos over the last few years, but unfortunately became corrupted a while back. Hoping to salvage the photos, some of which are quite precious to me, I carried it into the depths of the gargantuan concrete block of Perpa, towering over a hillside not far from our Istanbul apartment, where I laid it at the feet of a data recovery technician named Mustafa. Using some obscure Russian and Chinese hardware, he managed over the next day to save about half of my images, but sadly had to declare the other half either completely lost or corrupted, like the photos shown here. With my replacement hard drive beginning to act up as well, I'm overdue for investing in some new hardware. As interesting as some of the corrupted files turned out, I'd probably prefer them the way they were.


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