Fethiye to Butterfly Valley

After a couple nights in Patara, we headed back to Fethiye for the trek to Butterfly Valley. The dolmuş brought us as far as Ölüdeniz, and from its broad, curving beach we took off to the south on foot. Just where the road began its long incline to Faralya, a truck driver pulled over to let us hop in back. Dropped by the cliffs' edge, overlooking the valley and its tiny sliver of turquoise water far below, we settled at George House, just where the steep path drops down to the beach. 
Back on the road the next morning, another kind driver carried us back to Ölüdeniz, where the sun came out just in time for a swim at one of Turkey's favorite postcard-perfect beaches. Stacked with rows upon rows of deck chairs and beach umbrellas in the summer, at the end of March we had it all to ourselves--at least for an hour or so, when the clouds returned and we headed back to Fethiye. 




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Fethiye Güney Ege'nin en muhteşem yeri. Tarih, doğa, kültür kısaca tatilden beklediğiniz tüm gereksinimleri sunuyor. Güzel anlatım için teşekkür ederim. Fikir olsun diye bende burada Fethiye'nin gezilecek yerleri hakkında bir şeyler karalamıştım.