Back in the USA

Our first stop in the USA was Newark, New Jersey, where instead of the "welcome home" I got last time, the lady at the customs desk led me away through a long corridor to an additional, private security screening. After some waiting, questioning, more waiting and more questioning, I was free to go, and we managed to reach New York within about four hours of landing. 

Based in a cozy Brooklyn apartment, courtesy of my good friend Alex, we passed a few days wandering the boroughs and enjoying the first week of summer, spending about three times the cost of a week-pass on single subway trips and squandering what was left of our money in corner delis. In both Brooklyn and Manhattan we seemed to run into something familiar around almost every turn: the Chrysler Building, Magnolia Bakery, Bill Cosby's house, Central Park... We missed out on quite a few tourist spots: like Coney Island, the Met, the Statue of Liberty; but we'll be back for more wandering in a couple months on our way back out of the USA.



Northern Jutland

Taking up a friend's offer to borrow a car for a couple days, Joanna and I got around the north of Jutland. We stopped off at a medieval fort, a Viking cemetery, a sand-buried church, a Renaissance manor house and a handful of German bunkers, half-buried along the sand-swept beaches of Denmark's North Sea coast. 

A WWII bunker looking over the North Sea from the hills of Bulbjerg, one of thousands along the Danish coast. 

Voergård Castle, a moated, sixteenth-century manor house near Dronninglund

The tower of a sand-engulfed church near Skagen

Lindholm Høje, Scandinavia's largest Viking burial grounds

The dunes of Råbjerg Mile

The beach at Skagen, marking the far northern tip of Jutland