Mongol Rally Day One: Budapest

Early Monday morning, I wandered over from my Budapest hostel for a meeting at Le Meridien. I was an hour early through the revolving doors, and the receptionists, scanning me up and down with sneers, quickly pointed me back outside. Through the glass they smiled in my direction, chuckling about this meeting I'd probably made up. From a bus stop across the street, I eventually saw the massive expedition-equipped SUVs pull up to the valet parking, dozens of sponsor logos dotting the doors and windows. I walked over to meet the gang of five, an unofficial Mongol Rally team organized by CharityVision, and then joined them for a buffet breakfast, smiling at the staff as I passed back through the lavish reception hall.

Then we headed east through the city. Over the next few weeks we'll try to ride all the way to Ulan Bator, almost 8000km away. 

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