A Walk in Medan


For a break from nasi goreng and gado gado, I headed over to the Indian part of Medan, where it seems there are more Chinese than Indians these days. A few steps out of my restaurant, a bit bloated after downing a giant veg thali, a couple young Medanis pulled up beside me in their AC car. They rolled down the window in slow motion and asked where I was off to. They were two Muslim Rancid fans, and they saved me the easy walk to both a Buddhist and a Hindu temple, talking punk music and ganja along the way. They left me at the second one, Sri Mariamman, then cruised off at 5mph. At each spot were a handful of believers lighting incense, muttering prayers, carrying out rituals assigned by birth--in this case, to longtime immigrants of the Kampung Keling of Medan. 

When I caught an angkot back to the Mesjid Raya, I was ready again to face a couple more weeks of nasi goreng.

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