Mexico City




The Sprawl

Speeding up the highway from the terminal del norte, it took a long time to get out of Mexico City. When we passed up and over the rim of the city's giant bowl, home to some twenty million people, there was more ahead, concrete rows running up and down the next hill, and the next, and still more further on. The sprawl finally petered out about twenty minutes before Teotihuacan. These are a few shots through the window of the bus.



Hacienda Las Trancas

A few months back, Sveinung Kiplesund invited Joanna and I to his wedding, to be held in an old hacienda near Dolores Hidalgo. Now based in DC, Sven's been posted in at least a few places that have made me jealous, including Yemen and Somalia. We've met up all over the world, from Northern Ethiopia to Jotunheimen in Norway, having first met in high school. Back in Addis, we jammed punk covers in my basement. Last summer, although Sven wasn't around when Joanna and I passed through DC, he kindly left the keys to his place under a mat.

In Mexico, we spent a couple days on the ranch with Sven, his family and friends, shuttling back and forth from our lovely hostel in Dolores to catch all the events. After the wedding dinner, featuring stalls of tacos al pastor, churros and ice cream, the weekend was capped off with speeches, games and dancing. The mariachis then arrived with their tequila-laden donkey, eventually leading us all out back for a surprise fireworks show. Plenty of photo-worthy material. Here are a few shots from the weekend.